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We have some special crieteria that will help you


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We have some special crieteria that will help you

Science, Astrology and Bhagwat GEETA

It is because, since the ancient times we had known that Peepal is one of the few trees that gives off oxygen even in the night time, thus, to protect this life enriching tree, we related it to God and religion and this is the truth.

Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Shani Dev is said to be the judge and he has given fruits to man according to his actions. According to a context in the 118th chapter of Brahma-Purana, Shani Dev himself had said that whoever worships Peepal on Saturday, touches Peepal, all his desires will be fulfilled. That person will not even have to bear the troubles of Shani Dev.

The Neem and The Tulsi are sacred due to their medicinal and spiritual properties.

The worship of trees in hinduism is done for different purposes, according to Hindu mythology. It can be for moksha, immortality, fertility or for fulfillingn wishes. All these are interconnected to various rituals that we perform with utmost spiritual feeling.

The sacred Banyan tree is the national tree of India, and the Bodhi Tree, under which the Buddha is said to have meditated in Bodh Gaya, is also revered as sacred. Sacred trees are sometimes planted in the sacred groves, which can also have other type of trees too.


Your zodiac sign is just a piece of the puzzle to what energies were present at the time you were born. Without a natal planetary positions chart, you really don’t have a clue about other energies have imprinted on you.