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Astrology is an important part of Indian life. Knowledge of astrology is essential to understand the real meaning of life. In astrology we see the subtle connectivity between the moving stars, zodiac and human behavior. It has been observed after doing a lot of research that a certain pattern operates between a planet and the characteristics of man. Astrology is not just confined to the Sun sign or the Moon sign, but an exhaustive horoscope can reveal accurate traits and basic characteristics of the person. If the tools of astrology are applied correctly, then the past, present and future events can be predicted. A man born in Aries ascendant is quite different from a person born in Cancer ascendant. However there could be some similarity between Aries- ascendant people but this will not match with the Cancer –ascendant person. Just by taking birth in a particular ascendant, a person inherits certain traits and characteristics of that ascendant which is non-parallel to all ascendants. The permutation and combination of planets create a balance that provides definite personality traits.A horoscope made on the date, time and place of birth can reveal the past, present and future of a person. Astrological remedies can help anyone to come out of different kind of troubles such as Relationship problem, Career Problem, Business Problem, Child Dispute, Marriage, Court Case Problem, Kundli Matching.