Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

OVERVIEW Vastu Shastra a refined combination of ancient Hindu traditions developed as an art, analyzed as a science, and interpreted astrologically can lead the way into healthy living. There is a universal call for world peace hence the smallest unit of the society like the family should raise their offspring in an environment that knows the meaning of peace. The ebook details the world of Vastu Shastra; it teaches us how to recognize a land suitable as a vastu for a house that will receive magnetic energy from elemental forces: the Sun, the Earth, the Sky, the Air, and the Water.

Discover how ancient principles and practices interpret the value of land in terms of shapes and other geographical characteristics. How even the debris and rubbish unearthed can play an important part on the quality of the land we build our house on. Understand how and where we should position ourselves in order to receive the sun’s unseen benefits. We all wish to live a life as peacefully and comfortably as we can and a simple knowledge of the positive elemental influences can help us achieve what we all hope for. Learn the importance of laying out your house in a manner that will ensure a harmonious balance between you and nature. The objective is to become open to positive elemental influences and at the same time become protected from unseen malevolence.


Positive vibrations can bring happiness through excellence in health and business dealings while the negative vibrations can bring grief and losses. There is a purpose in each location and positioning. What we do as dwellers in a house designed as per vastu shastra can be aptly guided by the way our rooms are positioned.

Vastu Shastra is a vast field and it may take more than this ebook to acquire specialization. Some basic knowledge on what are favorable and unfavorable will help us develop our own instincts to recognize a suitable land, a correct alignment, and an ideal location.
Understanding the scientific reasons will help us appreciate the logic of ancient traditions which may very well help us to achieve what has been elusive for so long: happiness, contentment, and inner peace.